game changing features

Why all touch case?

A revolutionary magnetic hard case for trading and sports cards. With 4 corners of specially engineered and patented SUPER magnets, the ALL TOUCH CASE will protect your most valued cards like no other case will. Perfect for cards that are worth more raw than in an 8 or 9 slab. Or for cards that you simply don’t want to grade. 

Our magnets not only protect but also provide a unique NEW function, “STACKING & LINKING”. The shape and strength of our magnets allow you to link our cases together for overall better organization and INSANE displays. 

We also use a NEW kind of Patent Pending, Polycarbonate Outer Shell. This material is not only the most valuable plastic available, it’s also stronger and softer at the same time! How is this? The case will not bend or crack with extreme force while the internal cavity is as soft as a penny sleeve! Test one, you’ll see.

With crystal clear resin and universal presentation, the ALL TOUCH CASE will provide the very best protection and display for your cards.

Look for SERIES ONE blaster boxes that also include one encased card! Check our “Hit List” above 👆🏽.

We currently offer the following sizes for sale or pre sale;

35pt – Paper Cards, TCG

55pt – Chrome Cards, Autos

130pt – Premium Sets, Autos, Some Patches 

180pt – RPAs (Rookie Patch Autos), Most Patches

ALL TOUCH CASE is US & PCT Patented & Patent Pending.